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Part of Our World Is Not For Sale

Overall goal

« Open the EU corporate-driven trade agenda to economic alternatives and heterodox policy options with the aim of transforming it into a truly sustainable, gender just development agenda » 

Political Objectives

  • Roll back the power and authority of the fora and agreements used to implement the EU's corporate driven trade and investment agenda (WTO, EPAs, regional trade agreements, EU internal trade-related policy, etc.);
  • Expose and challenge the undemocratic nature of EU decision making on trade issues;
  • Promote a sustainable, socially and democratically accountable system of trade.

Strategic Objectives

  • Increasingly engage in co-ordinated campaign activities with broad participation that focuses on activities where pan-European civil society activity is essential for challenging decisions taken at EC and Council level (i.e., work together on integrated activities);
  • Ensure that the network activities are co-ordinated with those of other global networks and reflect the concerns of Southern groups;
  • Develop a profile and visibility by expanding the capacity of the network to engage in diverse activities including grass roots campaigning, education and outreach, advocacy, research, monitoring, media work and mass mobilisation;
  • Maintain transparent and democratic ways of working together.